Shut the fuck up! You’re stupid is showing.

So another election season is almost upon us. Being heralded in by the multitude of pundit and political has-been’s (Donna Brazile) writing innuendo filled books and hit pieces in hopes of reviving flagging careers.

Yep, things are fixing to get uglier than Uncle Bubba’s plumber’s crack, and twice as hairy.  So now’s the time to clear a few things up before my fellow lefties blow it… again.

Oh, yes, I’m talking to you 12%er Bernie-ite fake-news consuming Facebook drones getting all spun up by a bunch of Russian shit-stirrers. These look familiar?


When you saw this, did you do any research on what the Clinton Foundation actually did? Or just assumed the worst and started sharing across social media with self-righteous vigor?

Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images
Facebook groups backing Sen. Bernie Sanders were slammed with fake news links last year.


That’s right bitches… you got played! But it didn’t have to go down like that. A little intellectual curiosity on your part could have saved us all from having to call a lying, misogynistic criminal, President.

Fuck your lazy asses!


But it’s not all ya’lls fault.

Bernie, there was a time when I respected you for your convictions, and I actually like a lot of your ideas. But you showed your true colors too.

You want to know why you lost? Because you’re a bitter old coot who tried to game the system then got pissy because it didn’t work.

“The hell you say! The fix was in. The corrupt Democratic establishment played favorites!”

Shut the fuck up! You’re stupid is showing.

The DNC was broke heading into the primary season. They didn’t have the resources to launch any credible, general election campaigns.  So, they asked BOTH candidates to participate in joint fundraising  endeavors to help the party with both state and federal GENERAL ELECTION campaigns…

Guess who said yes? The bona fide DNC party member.

Guess who said no? The fucking independent (according to his website during the race) candidate who spent a lot of time complaining about folks not paying their fair share while trying to tap the DNC like a motherfucking pimp. Fucking hypocrite.

You bet your ass it did; and deservedly so.

Why does a PRIVATE organization owe someone who refuses to join or support it anything?  As far as I’m concerned, either go all in and  fully participate, or get the fuck out.

 If you wanted to be the DNC’s nominee than you should’ve joined you entitled prick.

Now, thanks your late, luke-warm and obviously bitter support; and a well organized  disinformation campaign by a hostile government, there’s an insane Cheeto colored turd in the White House with our nation’s nuclear codes.

But what’s done, is done. Water under the bridge, spilled milk… The question is, what are all you Bernie boosters and anti-Hillary lefties going to do going forward?

Are you going to continue accepting without question, false allegations and  yellow journalism from the likes of Fox fucking news and Russian backed, Breitbart Nazi weenies? Are you going to continue getting brain-fucked on social media by faceless Russian propaganda trolls?

Or are you going to delve beyond sensational headlines, actually read the articles, check the sourcing and start thinking for yourselves?

I guess you could say fuck everyone, stay home and play Fallout.

Vault 68 and 69

But before you do,  you should probably start prepping for Trump’s real nuclear winter.



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