Candace Vianna’s Immutable(sometimes) Writerly Rules (in no particular order.)

Prince1. Cheating on mature projects will not be tolerated. All primary relationships must be resolved before indulging any new inspirational lusts, no matter how sexy the orgy might be.







Right on!2. Friends lie. They must be liars, since you don’t hang out with idiots. Don’t expect friends or fans(except for some very special Goodreads pals) to tell you when you suck. They’re biased, minimizing you’re faults with the best of intentions.







3. Thinking your manuscript is ready doesn’t make your manuscript ready (Trust me, it’s not. Learn from my mistakes.)

You Blew It







4. Don’t be in rush to publish.

5. Don’t be in rush to publish.

6. Don’t be in rush to publish.





7. All… All… All… comments made on the internet and social media are public, and will haunt you for the rest of your life, so act accordingly. (Quick update: An imprudent author decided to start a war with a Goodreads reviewer… No… Just don’t.)

Robert Downey Jr. Thanks8. All reviews are good reviews. Be grateful and gracious, and take wisdom where you find it.

9. Although you can’t please everyone,  biting the hand that feeds you can lead to starvation,  so know when to compromise.

10. Listen politely, weigh what you hear, then write what you want.