Civics Class

Peeps, now that it looks like Hillary’s going to save us from the end of days at the close of the most deplorable campaign season our nation’s ever know(hence forth to be known as Trumploracaust,) it’s time to reflect on what made all this stupidity possible, so we never again have another shit-show like this.

See, this was a long time coming, none of it came out of the blue. While some are more guilty than others, no one is blameless.  But the most bitter pill of all, is that We the People are the worst offenders because We the People allowed it to happen, and only We the People can fix it.

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And by fixing it, We the People need to climb out of our well of ignorance and give our pruney brains a chance to dry out, because only then can we bring balance back to the force and our government.  So grab on to that rope Timmy while I give you a mother-fucking civics lesson.

"Ignorance might be bliss for the ignorant..." Ricky Gervais

Did you know that two-thirds of Americans can’t correctly identify the three branches of government? (Executive, Legislative and Judicial, you ignorant fucks.) The end result is, We the People are incorrectly blaming the guy in the white house down the street for our problems while we continue taking it up the ass because the dumb shits responsible are hosting a Constitution  fueled bonfire party on the lawn next door.

Okay, so I’ll try to keep this shit simple:

The Legislative  Branch: legislates.


They, and they ALONE  can write laws. They’re also in charge of We the People‘s day to day business which is why they also control the purse strings. If infrastructure programs are underfunded, blame them for our failing bridges, roads and polluted drinking water. If  our embassies don’t have adequate security due to a lack of funding… that’s right, the legislature a.k.a. Congress is to blame. Of the three branches they have the most power, and their power is the most easily abused.

The Executive Branch: executes.

That’s the President and his merry band of trolls or cabinet. His job is to ensure any new law from Congress is in the nation’s and We the People’s best interests, and if so approve them; if not, send them back to Congress for reconsideration. He is the Commander and Chief of our military and he appoints the people in charge of the various agencies executing all those cute little laws as well as the Supreme Court’s justices.

Now, pay attention because this is important…. Hey, Timmy, put away your fucking phone. I’m not motherfucking Lassy, and I’m bitch enough to leave your dumb ass in that well.

Other than making appointments and signing legislation, The Constitution limits presidential power, so if nothing’s getting done, it’s because Congress hasn’t passed anything for him to sign!

Are you sensing a theme here?

Last but not least, The Judicial Branch: judges

This is the legal system; made up of both appointed and elected officials. These guys interpret the laws. They make sure they are just, fair and don’t violate The Constitution.

A step in the right direction for Women

And that’s it in a nut shell.

But if it’s so simple, then how did everything get so fucked up?

Read how a willfully ignorant and complacent populace are allowed entitled ideologues and the lunatic fringe to actively sabotage our ability to govern our selves for political gain.









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