How do I start and keep writing stories? I always want to but never was able to actually write something.

Answer by Clarence Sherrick:

Get yourself a small easy to carry writing book. As well as a writing device. Keep these with you as often as possible. Even when in the restroom. Whenever you are sitting, standing or waiting for something at some length. Write a quick short passage on anything or anyone going on around you. Whatever comes immediately to mind.  Do not worry about grammar or the correctness of what you have written. Just get it down on paper. You can always organize it later. Use your imagination as to what those around you are doing, thinking and why. Interface between two or more individuals can be highly stimulating to your creative imagination. Moreover, you do not have to hear what they are saying or thinking. Make it up to fit the situation as you imagine it could be. And anything you can imagine… goes. After a few of these “thought” books, you  will have plenty of scenarios to build a story around.
 Here is a for instance.
   You are seated in a waiting room for a medical purpose. Probably the dentist. What is going to be a lengthy wait.
   You observe a couple sitting together at the opposite side of the room. They are having a sparse conversation,  but you cannot hear what they are saying. So you imagine this.
    One of the pair has a great secret. One that he doesn’t wish his companion to discover. He is actually an alien with false dentures covering his actual alien ones. He knows that the dentist will want to X-ray his mouth to find out what is wrong with his front tooth. The false dental over covering has cracked and is rubbing the inner gums of the alien’s mouth. Which is now causing great pain.. He also knows that his species becomes highly erotically aroused when exposed to X-ray radiation. That is because one of the main stars his planet revolves around is an X-ray emitter. And his species has evolved to deal with this particular type of radiation. The alien worries if he will have enough self control to avoid an obvious erotic display. Moreover, what is the dentist is going to think of his very strange teeth. Ones that have eight root canals. The alien will most likely have to convey an illusion into the dentist’s mind. One that will get him to remove the broken dental covering and replace it with another. Hopefully without discovering his real identity.
Does this give you any ideas?

How do I start and keep writing stories? I always want to but never was able to actually write something.

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