Just a snack until an unsuspecting toddler strolls by…

"The Science of Loving"

We worked side by side building our sandwiches. Mine, just a few modest layers of meat and cheese, with a bit of lettuce for some added crunchiness; his, a Dagwood —- piled high with turkey, ham, baked beans, salami, sardines, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, two kinds of cheese, and —- were those jalapenos —- with a teetering slice of bread carefully placed on the top.” ~ Candace Vianna

I stumbled over this cool food blog using a quote from my book along with the above photo. And since we’re at the start of the holiday season, I couldn’t think of a better time to share some of my favorite  food related resources starting with the above mentioned newly discovered blog. “Pam’s Midwest Kitchen Corner”

This blog isn’t great just because it has some awesome recipes (I’m definitely making the “Ultimate Stuffing” for Thanksgiving,) but in the left sidebar is a nifty recipe index all sorted in  easy to navigate  categories.

Next up… Some cookbooks you may have overlooked (I provide links for your convenience to Amazon but I don’t get paid for these.)

Product DetailsWhite Trash Cooking  is a fun cookbook filled with anecdotes and everything I’ve made has been great. The spaghetti casserole is a family favorite.

Product DetailsThe Foxfire Book of Appalachian Cookery is one book from a series of books on Appalachian life that started out as a summer student project in 1980 for the Foxfire Magazine. This magazine also started out as an academic sociology project in the 1960’s  documenting rural Appalachian life.

There is a whole series of books dealing with everything from iron working to burial practices; midwifery to fiddle making.

So happy eating….

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