We can all go to Stanford… Free!

cartoon by Candace Vianna
When all you can afford is free… Cartoon by Candace Vianna

As promised in last week’s post, today I’ll be talking about free educational resources every writer should know about. Back at the turn of the century—I’ve always wanted to say that—MIT decided to put a bunch of their course lectures on the web for free. While they weren’t the first to do so, they did it in a big way… And it wasn’t long before educational institutions all over the world joined in… so below are some links to free classes from top international universities you might want to check out:

Open Education Consortium

This is free education nirvana… All the players are here. You can search the globe for free, top-notch classes by language, institution, topic…

Then there’s the nationally ranked powerhouses:

MIT: 2,100 free courses on almost everything.

UC Berkeley: Not only offers its current courses, but has open archives of past offerings

Open University: (UK’s largest university)

More than 700 courses on a wide range of topics.

Stanford University: +100 free courses. There are even live courses where students can participate called “In Session” courses. Classes are offered on: writing, machine learning, game theory, quantum mechanics and so much more. In addition Stanford offers self study courses on iTunes U that can be taken at any time.

UC Irvine: Almost 100 courses and lectures are available on engineering, humanities, physical sciences, business and health.

Still want more? Check out these literary specific collections.

Iowa States Writing University: Writers workshops, podcasts and so much more

Poynter.News University: You’ll find courses on everything from fact checking to editing… plus loads of research and investigative techniques.

Okay kids, til next week…

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