Stumble across this post the today by Dianapersaudi and thought some of you out there might find it interesting. My book has been pirated so many times and on so many sites that filing complaints would become a full time job. This is for those who might want to enforce their legal rights.

Choose your Own Erotic Adventures

(Legally without waiting for the authorities to step in; doesn’t cost you a dime; don’t need an attorney or a large publisher. You can take care of this YOURSELF.)

I have a beef with In November 2014, I found my books on their website without my permission. I submitted all the correct DMCA forms and information to get my books removed. It took about a week for them to remove my books. (I have email evidence and screenshots.)

Then on Jan 8th, I discovered my books were again on their site. That’s the SECOND time they INFRINGED on my rights. I contacted the authorities. I’m still waiting for a response.

According to GOOGLE, there have been 8415 DMCA complaints filed against

And what has been done about it? NOTHING.

 I decided to stop this infringement myself. I did some research on DMCA and found…

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