Virual Romance Festing Instead of Literal Editing. I’ve been bad…

sad animated GIF

So my peeps and peepers, I’ve fallen behind… Again. Convincing myself I was still working (I’m extremely gullible, so it wasn’t very hard,) I spent the weekend attending the virtual Romance Festival. And now my brain is buzzing with new ideas, new story-lines and plot-twists. Strange and wonderful characters (some a little scary) are pinging about my belfry like a colony of bats. Sadly, I can’t act on any of them until I finish polishing my current manuscript (Cheating on mature projects will not be tolerated. All primary relationships must be resolved before indulging in any new inspirational lust, no matter how sexy an orgy might be.Candace ViannaV’s Immutable—sometimes — Rules on Writing—coming soon…) It also means this week’s post “De-constructing Profanity” didn’t get written. Even worse, my Beta Readers are getting ahead of me. Sorry guys.

On the upside, a lot of useful information was presented. You can find their Writers tips here. Cheers!

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