There’s no place like home…

mom's house 2015 028
Me and my blue hair on Mama’s back porch (Damn, my eyebrows got some game going.)

Hey Peeps! Since I’ve carried my blue haired self back home to visit my Mama (hence the lack of regular posting and neglected social media presence,) So over the next few days I thought I’d share my love of Mooresville, Nc.

For those not familiar with the area, Mooresville is located in southern North Carolina just outside of Charlotte.  It gets much of its power from the nuclear power plant on the  Catawba River, built in 1964 creating the lake where my mother lives.

My Mom’s Dock at sunrise. Lake Norman, Mooresville Nc.

Mooresville’s also the NASCAR capital of the world, and home to many of the popular racing teams.

The small towns dotting the area are filled with old architecture:  Victorian homes, farmhouses, tiny mill houses. Many of the textile mills and furniture factories have been converted into antique malls, stores and restaurants. The nearby town of Davidson is home to Davidson College and filled with trendy stores and artists. I to get  some snap shots up over the next several days.