I want to see more REAL men. Preferably NAKED REAL men… Or not.

Public Domain Photo Credit William Morris

I came across this post I want to see more REAL men. Preferably NAKED REAL men.. a while back (Go ahead, read, I’ll wait… waiting… waiting… la la… )  Amusing yes? It’s a good start, but it doesn’t go far enough… I would like to suggest a few additional articles :

Creative Duct-taping, going beyond muffling stupid… ‘Fox News’, ‘nough said.

Manscaping… Seriously? Cover that shit up. Trust me, contrary to what you may have heard, it doesn’t make it look any bigger; it just looks like you have the thing that burst from the guy’s stomach in Alien down there saying howdy.

Marriage doesn’t make the wife one of the guys: Odious accomplishments, are still odious …  Don’t ask me to pull your finger unless you want me to pull that fucker off…

X-Games: Know when it’s time to trade that (insert appropriate equipment here: mountain bike, BMX, skateboard, surfboard, bimbo…) for a set of golf clubs… Hint: if most of your time is spent recovering, then it’s time.

Male Phallacies: Women age, while men get better with age (Just accept that we’re BOTH turning into trolls;) Chocolate has a short memory (we’re more pissed after it’s gone because the dishwasher’s still broken and now we’re mowing the lawn to burn off all the extra calories;) Low-T (in mature men) is a condition rather than a normal part of aging… (unlike menopause.)

Time management and televised sports… If sixteen hours of soccer, football…. was so riveting, why do you sleep through most of it?

How you know you’re loved: What’s not said out loud… We’re all guilty of not overtly expressing our appreciation for the sacrifices our men make. Sometimes our actions to speak for us…

There are hundreds if not thousands of publications filled with relationship advice; telling women how to look and act. It gives us an unfair advantage. It would be nice to even the playing field.

Talk to me, dammit!

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