Q&A Tag… Okay Nate and Olivia, I’ll join your roguish game….

So Peeps,  Olivia from Inkspots challenged Nate Philbrick from You Write Fiction to a friendly game of Q&A Tag.

The rules:

Answer ten questions, tag ten bloggers with ten questions of your own, rinse and repeat.

And did good ol’ Nate follow those rules? Hell no. He decided to challenge the whole fucking world. Well, I accept your challenge, so here’s your fucking answers  you over achieving prick (Since I don’t actually know Nate, he may or may not be an over-achiever.)

Favorite fiction genre to read?

Urban fantasy. Bring on the ass-kicking paranormal bitches. I fucking love Pam.

Free weekend: would you rather stay at home and relax (alone or with a select few) or go out and make big plans?

I have no friends, but I sometimes shame my kids into taking me clubbing. Hey, if you can’t torture your kids what’s the point of having them? (i.e. whipping out your best 70’s dance moves in public.)

Favorite season? (Of the year, you Netflix addict).

Fall… it’s the beginning of the end, just like my life. Besides, Halloween is the only day of the year when it’s permissible to scare the shit out of OTHER people’s kids.

Best thing to do on a rainy day?

Read about badass monsters getting their asses handed to them by ass-kicking paranormal bitches. Duh…

Hardcover books or paperback books? (Don’t even try “but kindle…?” My post, my rules).

Yeah, because you’re all about rules… Fine, if I’m reading at home (and duct tape is no longer enough to hold my tablet together,)  hardcover rules. If I’m out in public (and duct tape is no longer enough to hold my tablet together,)  paperback.

Favorite speculative (fantasy, sci-fic, etc.) film?

Tank Girl

You’re stranded in a forest (no way out). What’s your best shot at getting food?

Eating my young.

Would you rather be able to breathe underwater or have camouflaging abilities?

Camouflaging… Have you read Jaws?

Name an animal that you’re terrified of, for whatever reason.

Assuming it can’t be humans… Have you read Jaws?

Hugs: the solution to most of life’s problems, or a space-invading nuisance?

Depends. Are we talking hugs from Vin Diesel?

(yeah baby)

or Donald Trump

You've got to have a sense of humor about these things....

(bottom-feeding troll.)

Now, inquiring minds would like to know…

  1. Favorite guilty pleasure?
  2. Looking back only on your own life, what was your favorite age?
  3. Why?
  4. Three things you’d put on your bucket list if you had one?
  5. Favorite news format? (i.e. internet, social media, radio, print…)
  6. What literary or journalistic genre you  haven’t written in would  you like to take a run at?
  7. Android or Apple?
  8. Your favorite app or software program of all time?
  9. I am happiest when…?
  10. Something you’ve always wondered about?


Okay, now tagging complete strangers since I have no friends… Tag back Nate Phillbrick

C.M. Blackwood

D. Parker

Cathleen Townsend

Bitter Ben

Paula Reed Nancarrow

Skinny and Single

Andy Wadeson Connor

Rachel Poli

Curtis Bausse

Chris McMullen





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