Friday Feeds…This weeks picks!

Bitter Ben always at the top of the list.

  Mercury must have been covered up by Neptune, and Saturn must have put a ring on Pluto on the day I was doing my school schedule, because somehow I found a way to get a Friday completely fre…

Source: Screw it up Friday Giftures

Goat Guidance 🔮🐐

Who do you ask to read your fortune if not a goat?

7 Types of Writing Days | You Write Fiction

Disciplined productivity days Inspiration is for the weak. You get up early, set a goal, and achieve it. Interruptions, discomfort, or fatigue aren’t roadblocks – they’re hurdles,…

Source: 7 Types of Writing Days | You Write Fiction

Storytellers of Wonder

This lovely blog on Indian culture is produced by an online store specializing in Indian artisan made products.



bombastic | Sesquiotica (I love watching fellow geeks getting their word on.)


I’m not normally going to do more than one word review in a week. But my last one was kind of long and full of words, so I thought I’d throw in a short, punchy one… ironic, given the word I’m revie…

Source: bombastic | Sesquiotica



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