Dear Congress…Open letter to my Congressional Representatives.

And now a brief interruption from my media absence (sorry… but that book ain’t writing itself) for this public service announcement.

Dear Sen. Feinstein, Sen Boxer and Rep. Vargas,

I’m asking you to fight for us.

We the People need  our Congressional representatives to put forward a constitutional amendment that will safeguard our domestic security and maintain our national sovereignty. I’m not proposing hot button, shouty-emogis type changes, but addressing issues the founding fathers could not, in their wildest imaginings, foresee.

First: as part of a non-partisan vetting process, properly documented disclosures of personal and business (when applicable) financial information, including tax returns needs to be mandatory. If not to the public, at least to The Committee on Ethics and our nation’s intelligence community no later than four months before the first ballot may be cast.

Second: all public officials that will have access to information sensitive to our national security must satisfy the requirements needed to obtain appropriate security clearances no exceptions, no later than four months before the first ballot may be cast.

And finally: there needs to be an unambiguous, non-partisan conflict of interest standard evenly applied to all members of government.

As I’m sure you’re aware, due to the ‘Separation of Powers,’ this can’t be done legislatively, so using Article 5, we need you to amend The Constitution.

This is not an easy ask.  I know the ensuing months will be fraught with  skirmishes on a number of issues near and dear to your hearts. But I am asking.

Please, on behalf of my fellow Californians, on behalf of all  We the People ; please fight for the ideals that actually “Made America Great.”  Enlist your colleagues.  Let this battle unfold before the eyes of the nation and restore our faith in Washington.

Win or lose, if you can this for us, come mid-terms we just might help you win the war.


your constituent,

Candace Vianna,


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