Money Talks When Money Walks.

This weekend saw a tidal wave of peaceful pink unity circle the globe. I was inspired and I hope you were to—if for no other reason than all the great signs.

Know who wasn’t inspired? Capital Hill, apparently. Perhaps Trump’s ego was blocking the view. Understandable. Seeing past an orange turd that large would be difficult for anyone.

But entertaining signage aside, I think it’s time to give our kumbaya movement some teeth. And what better way to get a businessman’s attention than grabbing him by his bottom line?

So how about it world? Let’s boycott all Trump properties… hotels, golf courses…. Let’s boycott all companies carrying and promoting Trump products… clothes, cosmetics (Spreadsheet from listing retailers carrying Trump products) and let’s add the companies supporting him… there’s even an app to make it easy


Who knew?

Even if it doesn’t work, with all the honest customers out of the way, maybe we’ll finally see who he’s really in business with.


Talk to me, dammit!

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