First 10000 Readers Author Training Program First Impression and beyond…

So, when I decided to write my romance novel “The Science of Loving,” I didn’t consider what came after hitting the publish button. While I figured there had to be more to being a successful author, my focus was on other things…

Writing a 16 page essay the night before it is due...

So novel written, published… was lucky enough to have a few readers discover it. Luckier still that more liked it than hated it. But I need to reach beyond those intrepid few before I starve.

So, do I pay out hundreds of dollars in Facebook ads and BookBub blasts?  Do those even work?

My roommate is writing a research paper on how ineffective research papers are

One thing I have discovered, manually submitting to every ebook promotion site out there leaves no time for actual writing.

Which brings me to the email I received promoting a marketing course targeting authors. I attended their free online seminar (read sales pitch) promising for a mere $557 usd, they’ll teach me how to set up an automated marketing plan that will sell books and still leave me with time to write.

Much as it pains me, I admit to being swayed by the hype… (desperation makes the mind malleable) and decided to take that fucking $500 red pill and see where it leads.

Part of the sales pitch, buy now and get “60 Day Author” bonus training from Author/Writing Coach Joe Nassise. Unfortunately, this training turned out to be a single podcast basically giving an overview of his method that you can learn more about on his website. Once there you discover you have to actually buy  his training course to learn anything… Bonus training my ass.

First impressions… A very expensive meh…. This program does come with a thirty-day money back guarantee, so we’ll see…


Module 1 completed:

The first module—aproximately 100 minutes give or take—is a four part introductory lecture  on the ins and outs mainly of Amazon, but does give a nod to some of the other E-tailers along with supporting sales data… It was actually pretty good. It didn’t contain any actionable information, but it lays a good foundation for the more in-depth information promised in the subsequent modules.

So now I’m like…

It is worth mentioning, the sales data used in the presentation is from an author with a fairly deep catalogue. This is not a negative in my opinion, since you still need to lay the ground work whether you have one title or three, you just need to be aware and adjust your expectations accordingly.




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