Twitter Refrigerator Repair Chronicles

So Peeps, our inside refrigerator died a while back, but hey we still had the 20 year old outside fridge from the first home we bought (a condo, no longer ours) when we were a young married couple with no kids *sigh*…

No worries, right? How many working refrigerators does one really need.

So it’s five years later, I’m finally getting around to fixing it and chronicling it all on Twitter… because I can.

But first things first…

Twitter Refrigerator Chronicles1

Damn, I knew I smelled smoke…

Twitter Refrigerator Chronicles2

Can you believe Sears wanted $120 for another one of those? I got one on Amazon for $30. Ha!… Of course this one didn’t have any nifty connectors, so I had to hard wire that bitch.

Twitter Refrigerator Chronicles3

And because you can’t be hard without discipline, I broke out the zip-ties.

Twitter Refrigerator Chronicles4

Unfortunately, since the foam gasket around the housing didn’t use its safe word, first-aide was required.

Twitter Refrigerator Chronicles5

Took a much needed break while it healed….

My kid on…. the gift that keeps on giving.

Twitter Refrigerator Chroniclesbt1

Twitter Refrigerator Chroniclesbt2

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Must get that finger from Manny's side….

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Twitter Refrigerator Chroniclesbt3

Back to the salt mines (Gotta save some embarrassment for later…)

Twitter Refrigerator Chronicles6

Twitter Refrigerator Chronicles7

One final hiccup, before the world was right again…

Twitter Refrigerator Chronicles8

Quick update…..

So my now working inside fridge  had a couple quirks… one being, it works so well it’s freezing everything (I think the bad freezer gasket is causing that, since it’s running like crazy to make up for that inch gap… but they want $80 for that… I’m gonna try some Vaseline first.

Another is,  running for five years without a working evaporator motor, the refrigerator compartment started flooding with every defrost cycle (which I chose to ignore since I was only using the freezer part anyway.) And, for those whose fridges top shelves are filling with water from an unknown source, don’t let listen to your husband who automatically blames a leaky ice maker since he never wanted it in the first place (Apparently, ice makers are from the devil.) Instead,try clearing the drain (most likely filled with ice) located below the condenser coil (freezer on top style fridge… side by side folks, no clue) by running hot water and a stiff wire down it, be prepared for water to overflow from the bottom of the fridge. Chances are,  the drain pan will overflow once it’s cleared…Good luck. Now I’m going to make Satan a pitcher of margaritas.



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