Some help please.

Okay Peeps,  I need your help. My current work in progress has an alcoholic character who wakes up in San Diego’s drunk tank. Since this is something I’ve never experienced,  I’m hoping some of you  or someone you know has enjoyed police hospitality in the US due to intoxication and would be willing to anonymously…

WIP Les-isms

So for those who actually read (and liked) my book… Yes I’m working on SOL number two. No it’s not done… I thought I share some of my favorite  “Les-isms” to date… I don’t know how many of these will make it to the final copy, but they were a lot of fun to write….

Quick Reminder

The Science of Loving (brand new cover- same great story) is available for free of charge on Amazon today and tomorrow (7/13-14.)

Author Interview for

“He was a beautiful pagan god with the voice of a serial killer, but that didn’t make him any less god like. It just meant rather than dying in some dank basement or isolated cabin, I’d die bound on an altar as part of some gruesome sacrificial rite. Exsanguinating while he stood over my naked…

Mathews Tattoo from The Science of Loving

Hey everyone… I’ve had a lot of inquiries regarding Mat’s (the male protagonist in my romance novel, The Science of Loving) tattoo, so above is the line drawing I created for the cover. I’m hunting through my files to see if I can find the color version, but I think I may have flattened it…

Getting caught dangling, splitting and splicing.

It’s been a long week folks. One of the drawbacks to being a debut indie author is poverty, which means no copy-editor… So I had to pull my book after getting caught with my participles dangling in public (Talk about embarrassing.)  Now that I’ve spent the week whipping those puppies into submission. We’ll try this…

The Science of Loving by Candace Vianna

  Available at: Amazon She’s a shy researcher obsessed with muscles. She even has a muscle car. He’s the bad boy rock star of the architectural world, perfectly content with his bachelor status, but his tattoo artist sister has other ideas, and when she decides to play matchmaker, sparks fly.