WIP Les-isms

So for those who actually read (and liked) my book… Yes I’m working on SOL number two. No it’s not done… I thought I share some of my favorite  “Les-isms” to date… I don’t know how many of these will make it to the final copy, but they were a lot of fun to write….

Quick Reminder

The Science of Loving (brand new cover- same great story) is available for free of charge on Amazon today and tomorrow (7/13-14.)

Book Titles So Bad They’re Brilliant

Hey Peeps, now that summer is in full swing, I thought I’d give you a summer reading list. These book titles may read like a perverts playlist, not all of them are. These first few brilliant innuendo filled selections are only as dirty as your own mind. Games You Can Play with Your Pussy: And…

Writing as E.V. Iverson Dead Dwight: a dark comedy

Dwight has problems… He found himself wandering barefoot on the Picks Crossing Bridge with no recollection of how he got there. Now he can’t find his truck. What good is a junkman without a truck? Then when he got his barefooted ass home, his barfly, karaoke killing girlfriend informed him she’d had him zombiefied, and…

Appalachian Mountain Talk

Appalachian Mountain Talk Even though I go back to visit in Hendersonville every time I’m back east, I still researched the area my current project is set in. It’s easy to take for granted the things we say and do just because they’re familiar; because every one around us says and does it the same…

The Science of Loving by Candace Vianna

  Available at: Amazon She’s a shy researcher obsessed with muscles. She even has a muscle car. He’s the bad boy rock star of the architectural world, perfectly content with his bachelor status, but his tattoo artist sister has other ideas, and when she decides to play matchmaker, sparks fly.