NSFW:Profanity! Webhosting Companies and Copyright Infringement: Whois-n’t an Asshole

So I was out cruising the web looking to see if there was any new buzz on my book (because I’m both insecure and a masochist) when I came upon a site that had taken all the text from from “The Science of Loving” and pasted into 120 web pages. Yes 120 (and I don’t even know if it was the good version! ….So I made a few mistakes… It was my first time.   I’m not the only one who’s had some awkward moments while their cherry got popped.) And my book wasn’t the only one up there.

So while some smegma snarfing douche is getting 120 pages worth of income generating ad impressions from the thousands of hours I spent laboring over an aging laptop, I’m getting zilch and living on Ramen Noodles.

Yeah, there’s a process in place to address copyright violations, but I don’t have the time to continuously file DCMA complaints. With the world’s never ending supply of greedy ASSHOLES, it would become a full time job (then you guys would never find out what happened on Bob and Les’s date.)

But when a website’s transgressions are too egregious, I do file.

So let’s see who’s getting a spanking:

spanky hand copy

Below: the Whois for some A-holes who obviously need to be bitch-slapped into unconsciousness.

whoisbestfreebookSo as you can see, it looks like they’re hosted by a company out of LA called CloudFlare, but looks can be deceiving. According to the CloudFlare’s automated answer (below) to the complaint I filed yesterday (5/26/2016,) they aren’t actually hosting the above  A-holes site, but providing “a reverse proxy, pass-through security service.” cloudflare pass-through network robo answer


“Due to the large volume… yadayadaya… not possible…. yadayadayada…. personal response…. yadaydayada…”

Yeah right, I’ll give them a week…

One hour later!

cloudflare followup 1cloudflare followup 2

The cynical bitch in me is flummoxed…

So CloudFlare, I solute you for your timeliness.

No spanky-hands for you.

Although, just so you know, those ass-wipes are still funneling a butt-load of stolen shit through your network (explained below.) I know… not your servers. But not being responsible for other people’s shit,  doesn’t mean it’s okay to help spread it around.Round of applause!

Soooooo… Moving on….

This morning I hopped on the internet ready to go all psycho-hose-bitch on  Linode-US for hosting those bestfree-spunk-sucking bitches… But I’ve gone off half-cocked in the past then  ended up looking like an asshat (which I hate. Seriously Peeps, have you ever seen an asshat? Not a good look,) so I paused, taking a  moment to reflect as well as check the offending website for my content.


404 joy!!!

So  thank you Linode-US for your quick action,

But you still get spanky hands!!!

and here’s why:

It is not okay to comply with the letter of the law,  but violate its spirit.

That’s right Peeps, it’s a little something called ethics. Because, while you did take down my content, thank you very  much,

You only only took down MY content!!!

So when you made them pull out… down… pull down my content,  you had to be aware they had hundreds of other victims ON YOUR SERVERS taking it up the ass! During your DCMA investigation (and you investigated like you’re supposed to, right?) you had to have seen that my 120 pages weren’t even a drop in the bucket.

How do I know this? Because I’m not a moron and neither are you.The entire site is devoted to the distribution of stolen content. On their homepage, they list the latest stolen books  made available on their shitty ad filled webpages.  They’re not hiding it, you don’t have to register or learn a secret handshake.

Lists, people, those green numbers are the number of stolen books by genre, not the number of pages embedded with stolen text.

Science Fiction













And the best for last: Romance baby!


Yep, you’re reading that right. 2613 stolen books.  Giving those Ass-munching-barnacles thousands of ad filled income generating pages.

Hey, I understand times are tough, money’s tight… Hell, my kids haven’t been to a dentist in 15 years. I GET IT.  Why do you think I forgo encrypting my work? I don’t mind a little sharing amongst friends.  I even schedule free download days several times a year…(money saving tip… hop on eReaderIQ  and set up price drop email alerts for your favorite authors and titles… it’s free!)

But this isn’t a little altruistic file swapping, these fuckwads are generating income by illegally publishing  content that authors have spent unpaid months, sometimes years creating. Most indie authors don’t see a dime until their work hits the market and people hopefully start buying it.

Take a moment to stroll in my shoes. After working without pay for 18 months, I receive a $2.09 royalty each time someone purchases that stolen title,  so I have to sell a fuck of a lot of books just to make minimum wage (around 833 every month for 18 months… Fuck me, I’m an idiot!… That’s like 15,000 books.  Jake’s dentures are never coming off of lay-away… Fuck!)

So Linode-US ,  now that these guys have been brought to your attention, by continuing to sell webhosting services to these these jack-offs, not only are you knowingly violating your own “terms of service” policies:linode terms of uselinode terms fair use

you are profiting(indirectly) from the distribution of stolen content.

As such,  I am exercising my first amendment right to say that

(in my humble opinion,)

YOU SUCK! YOU FUCKING SUCK! And I’m giving you spanky-hands without apology.spanky hand copy Linode-us, just in case I’ve gone off half-cocked (again) consider this post an official notification. YOUR SERVERS ARE BEING USED FOR ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES. Please feel free to respond. Regards Candace Vianna.

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