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In all the craziness, I found a way to watch The Expendables 3.In the midst of all of it, the craziness, the new classes, the new schedule, the getting up at 5:30 am in the morning again, to the going to bed at midnight, to the projects, the football practice and homework times 3, I found time to watch of all movies, The Expendables 3.Let’s go back to the beginning though. When we left Seattle, we left a lot of dumb things behind. The trees, the traffic, the weather, the roads, the taxpayers that like to vote for every new tax increase, bills, etc. But we left behind two very important, very hard to stomach things behind. 1) Our amazing 60 inch marvel of HD wonder….

Source: My Bitter Expendable Life | Ben’s Bitter Blog

U.S. Election 2016: Scum Mag Yells At America

Ever since Donald Trump started leading the race for the Republican nomination for president, I’ve been following the election obsessively. Granted, I’ve always been hobby-level interested in US po…

Source: U.S. Election 2016: Scum Mag Yells At America | Scum Mag

brood | Sesquiotica

I enjoy watching YouTube videos where people review cameras and similar consumer products. I decided I should do occasional videos where I review words. I asked people on Twitter for some suggestio…

Source: brood | Sesquiotica


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