Warning! Fake Romeos impersonating G.I.’s on social media using stolen photos for Romance Scam…

So Peeps, over the last few weeks I’ve noticed a disturbing trend among my new followers on Twitter because I do check profiles before I follow back. The first time it happened was disturbing enough…

But then another military man express an interest in lil’ ol’ me…

Oh Murphy, you’re such a hottie…

Once the giddiness subsided, I grew suspicious—sadly, virile military men are not your typical romance reader.

Don’t you just love a man in uniform?

This time, now scarred, but wiser from my encounter with the good General (and the fact that Stephen pud-monkey Murphy had zero tweets,) I didn’t follow back, and was able to forgo showering with Lysol a second time…Yeah, me.

But I found  the temporal proximity of these events disturbing…

So I decided to ask Deep Thought, a.k.a. Google, the ultimate question about Stephen Murphy’s life, universe, everything…. And the answer I got wasn’t 42.

I was crushed. It wasn’t my unique flare, my profane siren song drawing these fine military specimens to my white haired, post-menopausal self.

No, I was just another nameless face in the herd.



Soul Catcher fake accounts

Male Scammers

Oh Stephen, we might have had something special if you’d just taken the time to see me in all my stretch-marked, wattled glory.

*Sigh* I guess somethings just aren’t meant to be.

Goodbye, amore… No… Please, no tears….

Pud-monkeys are everywhere…. Don’t be fooled.

Scammers use photos of service members to trick unsuspecting women

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