When My PC Crashed, Scrivener Ate My Homework

Okay, since I got this new PC (new hotness turned out to be a POC…Asus—just don’t,) I’ve been plagued with black screens, crashes and freezing. Black screens while writing in Scrivener’s split screen mode have been particularly troublesome (no, this is not an excuse for the lengthy wait for SOL book two.)  Because, much to my dismay, when a sudden black screen forced me to hard reboot, all the text in the active pane was wiped out. I know what you’re thinking,  since Scrivener auto-saves every two seconds, not to worry, right?… Wrong!!!!

Scrivener Tip:  binder documents are saved as numbered RTF files in *project folder*/files/Docs

First, in Scrivener, I opened the project backup… and discovered this is not where Scrivener auto-saves…  Dammit!

So, using Windows File Explorer, I opened the regular project folder and went looking for auto-saves of the appropriate 123.rtf file…

… and discovered Scrivener doesn’t auto-save there either. At least not when in split screen mode… DAMMIT!

Fortunately, after much hand wringing and gnashing of teeth, I had an epiphany, and it was so obvious, I’m embarrassed that it didn’t occur to me sooner ( we’ll call it my ‘duh’ moment and never mention it again. )  If Scrivener’s auto-saves weren’t in the project or backup folder, they had to be somewhere else… So, in Windows File Explorer, I searched This PC for all files with names corresponding to the outdated one in the Scrivener project’s docs folder….

And… Viola!

Now when disaster strikes,  you know what to do.







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